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Mini Torque Wrench

Mini Torque Wrench - 3 - 10 Nm

When maintaining or assembling any bicycle it is important that all fittings and bolts be torqued to specifications to prevent damaged components or encountering loose bolts on the trails.

The Cleanskin Mini Torque Wrench is a super handy little tool that is perfect to throw in a backpack or keep in the car for those last-minute bike checks. The tool has a range of 3-10Nm which will cover a vast majority of components found on most MTB's. With the most popular bits included and an easy-to-read gauge, this torque wrench will ensure all those bolts and fittings are ready to rock. 


  • 3, 4, 5 & 6mm hex keys, a T25, and Phillips head bits in a storage holder

  • Easy to read gauge

Note: It can only be used to tighten bolts in a clockwise direction. Do not use to untighten bolts as it may result in a loss of calibration.

RRP. $24.95

Mini Torque Wrench
Mini Torque Wrench
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