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Cleanskin Battery Charger Exchange Program

Cleanskin wishes to advise customers that the AC Battery Charger supplied with select units of the Cleanskin Duo 2200 Lumen Front LED Light may not comply with the required electrical safety standard.

The affected model is  Model: SKLC-0840-1000.


Units sold between 12 June 2019 and 6 September 2022 may be affected.

Some units may have been supplied with plug pins that are uninsulated. If you have received a unit with uninsulated pins, then this unit does not comply with the electrical safety standards for Australia and New Zealand, and poses a risk of electrical shock if touched.

Identifying your wall plug adapter

Compare your Charger to the image below. An affected battery Charger will not have insulated socket pins(refer to the highlighted area below).




















If your charger is affected, cease using Charger SKLC-0840-1000 immediately by turning off GPO (general power outlet), disconnecting the adaptor from supply and store power supply securely. 

Customer safety is always Cleanskin's top priority, and we have voluntarily decided to replace affected Battery Chargers with a new compliant charger option, free of charge. We encourage customers to fill in the form below so that we confirm the safe disposal of the affected battery charger and organise a replacement. This exchange program does not affect your statutory or warranty rights.

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