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Rush CO2 Inflator

Rush CO2 Inflator

The Rush CO2 Inflator offers quick and easy tyre inflation to get you back on the trail.  The compact and lightweight design makes it super easy to store in any bag.

RRP. $21.95 


  • Compatible with 16g and 25g threaded cartridges (Not included).

  • Built-in cartridge storage and dust flap.

  • Works with Presta and Schrader valves.  


  • Material: aluminium, plastic

  • Includes 16g neoprene sleeve

  • Weight: 214g

How to use:
Simply pair up a threaded Co2 cartridge, either 16g or 25g, and insert it into the backside for storage. In the event of a puncture, place the head onto the valve, open the dust cap, and insert the stored cartridge. Screw the cartridge into the cartridge mount and prime the inflator. Once primed, half-turn the cartridge counterclockwise to inflate the tyre, and once complete, turn clockwise to stop inflation. 

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