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Cleanskin Hush Framewrap Tape

Hush Framewrap Tape

Cleanskin Hush Framewrap Tape is a great solution to protect the rear end of your from chain slap or crash damage. Naturally, this tape also helps to cut down on chain noise, so you can 
Hush Tape is easy to install by simply wrapping sections of your frame that you want to protect. The flexible, long-lasting and self-fusing rubber tape is perfect for chainstays, seat stays, crank arms, and any other parts of your bike or even the racks that transport your bike.
Waterproof and oil-resistant, Hush Tape will stay in position until you take it off. Best of all it will not leave any residue once it is removed. One 2M roll is an ample amount for any MTB chainstay, leaving some spare for another section.

From RRP. $19.95


  • Length: 2000mm roll (2M) 

  • Width: 38mm

  • Thickness: 0.73mm


  • Thoroughly clean the surface you wish to protect, removing any grunge or old adhesive. Finish it off with some isopropyl alcohol to get things squeaky clean. Avoid using household cleaners as they often contain silicone which will prevent the adhesive from sticking properly.

  • Cut to the desired length, usually between 150-200mm and remove the backing film

  • Slightly stretch and completely wrap around the chainstay or any part you wish to protect. Make sure to overlap 1/2 to 2/3. This will ensure proper adhesion.

  • Once properly wrapped, just press the end firmly onto the frame to finish the install

Cleanskin Hush Framewrap Tape
Cleanskin Hush Framewrap Tape
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