Blind Bearing Puller and Slide Hammer 9 Piece Set - 8mm to 32mm

The Cleanskin Blind Bearing Puller and Slide Hammer is a split collet type internal puller, suitable for extracting bearings from blind housings. It's also ideal for pulling out bushes and needle roller bearings from blind holes. It is Drop-forged, with heat treated steel attachments.

The included extractor collects offer the capacity to remove 9mm to 34mm sized bearings. These are easy to use. Simply select the appropriate sized collet by comparing it with the application, insert collect, expand it to fit the hole, and attach the slide hammer assembly.

From RRP. $99.95


  • Made of premium inner carbon steel

  • Medium stroke 1.4kg slide hammer with a T-Handle and a 390mm shaft

  • 8 collects, fitting a wide range of applications

  • Enclosed in a portable carry case

In the box:

  • Slide Hammer

  • Collet 8 - 10MM

  • Collet 10 - 12MM

  • Collet 12 - 14MM

  • Collet 15 - 17MM

  • Collet 17 - 20MM

  • Collet 20 -24MM

  • Collet 25 -29MM

  • Collet 30 -32MM

  • Case​