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Clik Torque Wrench

Clik Torque Wrench

A good torque wrench is one of the must-have tools for any budding home mechanic. The Cleanskin Clik Ratcheting Torque Wrench Set has a wide wide 2-24Nm range so you will be able to maintain and fit a wide range of parts without damaging them or your frame.

It features both clockwise and anticlockwise torque measurement and an easy to read adjustable dial for easy setup. Offering precise operation and coming complete with all of the most commonly used Torx and Hex head sockets, this torque wrench set enables you to fine-tune all of the components on your bike, quickly, easily, and accurately. To top it off it has an awesome CNC alloy handle that feels great in hand.

An invaluable addition to any bike mechanics toolbox.

RRP. $89.95

Dimensions: 145x75x55mm

What does it include:

  • 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm Hex Key/Allen bits

  • T20, T25, and T30 Torx bit

  • 5mm Hex Extender

  • Carry Case

  • Driver size: It features a 1/4" driver

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