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​Shift Cable Kit

Shift Cable Kit

The Cleanskin Shift Cable Kit is perfect for any mountain biker looking to build or replace the cables on their ride. This complete kit features two stainless steel shift cables for smooth shifting along with a pre-lubed Kevlar reinforced outer casing. It also includes end caps and cables tips to complete the job with spares to boot!
Compatible with SRAM, Shimano, BOX, Microshift and all other MTB shifters. It is also suitable for cable-actuated dropper posts.

RRP. $27.95

What's in the box?

  • 2x Slick treated stainless steel inner shift cable - 1.1mm x 2100mm

  • 1x Pre-greased ultra-light Kevlar alloy casing - 3000mm

  • 8x Casing caps

  • 4x Cable end caps

​Shift Cable Kit
​Shift Cable Kit
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